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Vantage MAM: How to Make Full Use of MAM in Forex Trading 


Vantage MAM: How to Make Full Use of MAM in Forex Trading 
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Vantage MAM: How to Make Full Use of MAM in Forex Trading 

Vantage Updated Updated Mon, 2 October 2023 02:03
Vantage MAM: How to Make Full Use of MAM in Forex Trading 

Professional forex traders wishing to serve more clients can do so with Multi-Account Manager (MAM) services. Not only does MAM make it possible to trade on behalf of a vastly greater number of clients, it can also help a forex trader better keep track of their performance.  

With the capability to execute multiple trades through a single account, Vantage Multi-Account Manager is the ideal solution for forex traders aiming to grow their client base and expand their business. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at MAM, how safe it is, and how forex traders can make full use of MAM to potentially improve their results. 

What is MAM? 

Multi-Account Manager, commonly known as MAM, is a digital suite of trading services designed for professional traders and their clients. It is structured with a Master Account, controlled by the trader, and which has several sub-accounts linked to it.  

The sub-accounts belong to the individual clients, but they can be set to automatically follow the same trades executed by the Master Account. Hence, as the forex trader plans and makes trades, the sub-accounts will also follow suit.  

For instance, if a Master Account executes a trade with a 1% allocation, the linked sub-accounts will also make the same trades with the same 1% allocation. This allows clients of all account sizes to follow along with the professional forex trader.  

There are several levels of controls MAM allows. For instance, the Master Account can segregate sub-accounts into different groups to pursue specific trading strategies. Traders can also manually adjust allocation percentages, and designate different trading volumes to sub-accounts. 

Clients also have control over their own sub-accounts. They may intervene at any time to change or close trades made by the traders. Additionally, clients can monitor their accounts in real time, and freely make deposits or withdrawals.  

Are MAM accounts safe? 

Besides being highly controllable by both traders and their clients, MAM accounts also provide good safety for both parties. Here are four reasons why. 

Funds remain segregated  

In an MAM system, only trading accounts are joined, while account balances remain separate. In other words, the balances of each client are not transferred to the trader, and remains accessible by their respective owners at all times. This prevents the possibility of a fraudulent trader absconding with client funds.  

Traders can reduce errors 

Once set up, a trader need only make a single trade on their Master Account, and all relevant sub-accounts will replicate the same trade. This process happens automatically and in real time, so there’s no need for a trader to manually enter the trade on each client account.  

By cutting down on manual repetition, this reduces the risk of making errors when setting up trades and the losses that may arise.  

Transparent Transactions 

MAM platforms offer a high level of transparency in forex trading for both traders and clients. This is because every trade and transaction are clearly reflected in the eligible accounts, and accessible at all times by the respective account owners. By operating in this manner, MAM accounts are robust against trader manipulation or other unethical practices. 

Hosted by reputable brokerages 

Another way to ascertain the safety of an MAM account is to check the credentials of the party hosting it. Choosing a reputable brokerage that is fully registered in your jurisdiction and compliant with all legal requirements will go a long way to ensuring you and your clients’ safety when choosing a MAM service.  

Besides ensuring safety, a dependable brokerage will also offer a better experience with more reliable connections, timely software updates and established cyber security measures. You will also have access to a dedicated customer service team to help you solve any problems or answer any questions you may have.  

Benefits of Vantage MAM account 

Fully compliant, leading global brokerage 

As a global leader in the online brokerage sector, Vantage holds licenses in multiple top-tier jurisdictions. This assures forex traders that their clients can benefit and are safeguarded from the high compliance standards. 

Multi-award-winning online brokerage 

We are a multi-award-winning online brokerage with a proven track record of trust, safety and reliability. Some of our most recent accolades include: 

  • Best Trading Services Provider, APAC – Awarded by ADVFN international Financial Awards 2022 
  • Most Trusted Forex Broker, Asia – Awarded by The Global Forex Awards 2022 (Retail) 
  • Best CFD Broker, APAC – Awarded by Global Business and Finance Magazine 2023 
  • Best Affiliate/Introducing Broker Program, APAC – Awarded by Global Business and Finance Magazine 2023 

We are particularly thrilled about the latest award, as it underscores our dedication to crafting a best-in-class partnership program, designed to assist professional traders in expanding their earnings and elevating the level of service they offer to their clients.  

MAM solutions tailored for fund managers 

Our in-house MAM solutions are ideally suited for fund managers and professional forex traders with their own client list.  

You can efficiently manage funds of multiple client accounts via a single account, enabling you to set up and apply automated strategies for greater convenience and flexibility.  

Alternatively, we offer solutions such as PAMM and Copy Trading.  

Customisable commissions and quick payouts 

With zero setup fees and no commission caps, enjoy the freedom to determine your own commissions and rewards structure.  

Furthermore, our systems deliver reliable and fast payouts with complete transparency, powered by comprehensive and performance analytics that provide clear insights for forex traders as they build their business.  

Multi-language marketing support and easy-start programmes 

To help forex traders expand their reach and increase client base, Vantage provides a number of essential support tools.  

You can look forward to multi-language marketing support and materials to establish an online presence. These include localised digital banners, high-conversion user-friendly landing pages, and wealth of highly informational trading materials.  

Additionally, as a Vantage partner, you can benefit from our easy-start programmes and enjoy continuous support throughout. We will provide a committed account manager to offer personalised advice, as well as a multilingual sales team fluent in 15 languages.  

Conclusion: Vantage MAM for forex trading  

Vantage MAM offers several benefits and advantages to professional forex traders seeking to elevate their service levels to their clients.  

You will be working with an award-winning, regulated global leader, and have access to our popular MAM suite, as well as other useful digital tools to seamlessly manage your clients’ needs.  

Additionally, you will also enjoy a slew of essential support services including marketing, customer support, performance tracking and educational materials.  

Further supporting you in expanding your forex trading business are our committed account managers, multilingual sales team, flexible commissions and quick payouts.  

That’s not all – in our quest to grow the best trading partnership community, we’re rolling out our Partner Loyalty Program. Stay tuned to find out how you can enjoy greater rewards and value as our partner.  

Find out more about Vantage MAM, or sign up to start accessing our awesome partnership benefits today! 

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