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Affiliate Marketing Tools

With Vantage Partners, you will gain exclusive access to our bank of affiliate marketing tools which you will be able to use to equip you to grow your affiliate marketing business.

We pride ourselves on having some of the highest converting marketing tools and creative assets in the industry, all of which are constantly updated to stay ahead of the latest online marketing trends.

All our landing pages and digital banners are readily accessible through both CellXpert and the Vantage IB Portal, so you can launch campaigns in no time.

  • Online Banners

    Leverage our brand reputation with our suite of HTML5 and static banners, across a variety of formats and sizes.

  • Landing Pages

    Attract traffic and convert leads with our professionally designed range of promotional landing pages and boost your conversions.

  • Brand Leverage

    Capitalise on the renown Vantage reputation with a range of logo formats and branded material, such as videos and brochures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Is there any advertising guidelines?

    General Principles

    · Use fair, clear and non-misleading information. Do not make any promises, guarantees or suggestions for and on behalf of Vantage. Do not create unrealistic expectations. Do not make or use unwarranted statements.

    · Provide balanced statements but not absolute statements - refer to both advantages and disadvantages.

    · Use accurate and up-to-date information - do not make statements that cannot be verified with tangible evidence.

    · Warn your audience of the risks associated with trading and make sure to include appropriate disclaimers.

    · Refer to the terms and conditions associated with Vantage’ bonuses, contests, etc.

    · Be transparent about your relationship with Vantage.

    · If unsure, please contact your Account Manager for further assistance.

  • 2

    Can I use my own promotional material?

    Yes, you are free to use your own promotional material.

    Please ensure that you adhere to our marketing guidelines when promoting your business alongside Vantage partners. This includes not making promises of unreasonable profits, never impersonating Vantage directly and giving unlicensed trading advice. Do speak to one of our representatives for approval of your material if you are unsure.

  • 3

    Where can I get more promotional material and creatives?

    There are different banners available based on the Campaign you select.

    For CPA Affiliates, please log into the CellXpert Platform and first select the Campaign you want to use by clicking on Campaign then Browse/Search. Choose your preferred banners and sizes, then simply embed the generated code on your site.

    For IB, kindly contact your Account Manager for marketing materials.

  • 4

    Are there any marketing methods that should be avoided?

    We have some simple marketing guidelines that should be adhered to when promoting your business alongside Vantage Partners, including not making promises of unreasonable profits, never impersonating Vantage directly and giving unlicensed trading advice.

    Please speak to one of our friendly Vantage representatives if you’re unsure.

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