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PAMM vs Copy Trade: Which is Better for You 


PAMM vs Copy Trade: Which is Better for You 
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PAMM vs Copy Trade: Which is Better for You 

Vantage Updated Updated Thu, 26 October 2023 10:00
PAMM vs Copy Trade: Which is Better for You 

Navigating the complex world of trading can be overwhelming, especially with the various choices available today. PAMM and copy trading are two solutions that traders can choose from. Read on to understand the intricacies of PAMM and copy trading, while exploring the pros and cons of each. 

What is PAMM 

PAMM stands for “Percentage Allocation Money Management” or “Percent Allocation Management Module.” This type of account is typically offered by brokers, allowing traders and investors to allocate their funds for full management by a designated money manager. 

Funds in an individual’s PAMM account are pooled together with those of other investors, and the appointed money managers make investment decisions on behalf of the group. Each investor’s share in the account is proportional to the size of their investment, and returns or losses are distributed accordingly. Money managers typically charge a management fee for their services, which is deducted from the account’s overall returns. 

Advantages of PAMM account 

A PAMM account provides investors with an opportunity to benefit from the expertise of professional money managers. These accounts are ideal for both beginners and those with smaller investment amounts, thanks to the accessibility of low minimum investment thresholds. By subscribing to multiple money managers, investors can achieve diversification in their investments, effectively mitigating risk. Additionally, PAMM accounts prioritize transparency through personalized dashboards, allowing investors to monitor their investment’s performance and trust their decisions. 

The key advantage of a PAMM account lies in its setup, which allows investors to leverage the skills and strategies of experienced fund managers without being directly involved in trading. Even those with limited funds can participate in large-scale trades. Transparency is a hallmark of PAMM accounts; investors remain informed about their manager’s performance, clear fee structures, and have the flexibility to withdraw funds as needed. Before committing, investors can review a fund manager’s performance and trading history, ensuring a well-informed investment choice. 

Disadvantages of PAMM account 

However, there are also drawbacks associated with PAMM accounts. For instance, since individual PAMM account funds are pooled together, the appointed money manager makes trading decisions for the entire pool. Having a larger share in the pooled funds can lead to more substantial losses. While a larger share increases potential returns, it also amplifies the risk of losses, which should be carefully considered. 

Another disadvantage of PAMM accounts is the limited control over trade selection. By opting for a PAMM account, you relinquish control of your funds to the account money manager for trade execution. While this can be advantageous in terms of expertise, it means you have no say in the trading decisions made by the chosen PAMM money manager. If the money manager makes poor decisions in their trades, it can result in potential losses for you. 

What is Copy Trading 

Copy trading is a system offered by brokers to individual traders, enabling them to easily replicate the trading actions of other traders on the broker’s platform. This allows them to tap into the experience and knowledge of expert traders without the need to execute trades manually. 

This system not only serves as a valuable tool for beginners looking to learn from experienced professionals but also caters to a wide spectrum of traders, encompassing both novices and seasoned professionals seeking to leverage the collective wisdom of the market. When an individual trader chooses to replicate the trading strategies of a selected trader on the platform, all the trades executed by the chosen trader will be automatically mirrored in the copier’s account. 

According to Finance Magnates, the copy trading market is expected to surge to a valuation of $3.77 billion by 2028 [1]

Advantages of Copy Trade 

Copy trading comes with a few advantages: 

  1. Easy to Adoption  

Copy trading offers a straightforward entry point for beginners and those unfamiliar with the intricacies of trading. Instead of navigating the complexities on your own, you have the option to replicate the decisions of seasoned traders. It is crucial, however, to choose a lead trader with a commendable track record for consistency and success. 

  1. Efficiency and Time Saving 

Copy trading stands as an efficient solution for those seeking to participate in trading without dedicating extensive hours to it. By mirroring the strategies of adept traders, much of the trading process becomes automated, ensuring trades are executed efficiently. This automation allows individuals to allocate more time to concentrate on other critical aspects, such as conducting in-depth market research and devising risk management strategies. 

  1. Opportunity to learn from other Professional Traders  

Another benefit that comes from copy trading is the opportunity to learn from other professional traders. You can observe and follow professional traders with a track record of success, providing you with a unique learning experience. This exposure to their strategies and trading ideas can be instrumental in refining and developing your own trading style. 

Disadvantages of Copy Trade 

Copy trading comes with a few disadvantages as well: 

  1. Lack of Control 

When using the copy trading function, you won’t have control over the trading decisions made by the trader you are copying. Your role is limited to filtering through the available traders to select one who aligns best with your trading style and ideas. 

  1. Results are NOT Guaranteed  

While copy trading offers the opportunity to mirror the moves of expert traders, it doesn’t guarantee returns. Financial markets are inherently volatile, and past performance does not guarantee future outcomes. Even when copying highly experienced or professional traders, you can still face losses. 

  1. Dependency on Other Traders 

Copy trading may provide a convenient way to start, but it carries the risk of making you overly reliant on experienced traders. Such dependence could lead to challenges when attempting to trade independently, especially if you’re used to simply copying others. Without conducting your own research, you might struggle to understand the reasons behind the trading decisions. This reliance can also potentially undermine your confidence in your own trading skills. 

PAMM vs Copy Trade, which is better? 

Deciding between utilizing PAMM and copy trading depends on an individual’s trading objectives, risk tolerance, and their desired level of involvement in the trading process. Both PAMM and copy trading offer traders unique approaches to trading, and each has its pros and cons, as mentioned above. Here is a breakdown of the comparison to help traders better understand: 

 PAMM Copy Trading 
Flexibility Gives you the freedom to choose money managers. Allow traders to select and switch the traders they want to copy. 
Control Trades executed are based on the money manager. Trades executed are based on the trader selected. 
Risk Allows for potential broader diversification by pooling with multiple traders and potentially multiple money managers. Rely on the copied trader’s strategies. 
Table 1: Table of comparison between PAMM and Copy Trading 

In conclusion, determining whether PAMM or copy trading is better ultimately depends on your personal preference, which is largely influenced by your unique trading style, risk tolerance, and financial goals. 

PAMM requires you to entrust your funds to a money manager who will trade on your behalf. In contrast, copy trading provides you with the freedom to select specific traders to copy, automatically replicating their trades. This approach grants you more direct control over the strategies you choose to mirror. 

Explore PAMM and copy trading at Vantage Partners. Tailored for both novice investors and seasoned traders, our Vantage PAMM Account and copy trading services could be your next step. Reach out and discover more today. 


  1. “Is Copy Trading Still Popular in 2022? – Finance Magnates”. https://www.financemagnates.com/forex/analysis/is-copy-trading-still-popular-in-2022/ . Accessed 11 Oct 2023 

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